If I have seen further...

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” - Sir Isaac Newton

I have been blessed to have encountered many people who have served as my mentors throughout my years. The topic of mentors is always an interesting topic to discuss, as each person may have a different definition of mentorship and the role of a mentor. For me, mentors were the people who pushed me beyond the boundaries of comfort I had set for myself while doing so as an expression of caring for who I was as a person. In the moment, this did not always look or feel warm and fuzzy. But, as I reflect on each experience, it was what I needed at the time to become the person I am today.

Mentors have invested so much time and energy into helping to form me into the best version of myself- something I am eternally grateful for. While I know I can never repay these people for the things they have given to me, I believe that the greatest appreciation I can demonstrate is through paying it forward. By sharing our own knowledge and experiences, I believe we make our mentors proud.

I often reflect on my professional journey and the journey of my mentors. Each of my mentors often share stories of their own mentors- giants in the field of physical therapy. The people who started the profession. Innovators with vision who steered our profession to all of the greatness that it is today. While knowledge and understanding of people and the human body is changing rapidly, the heart of the physical therapy profession has remained the same. As we look back on a generation of mentors, we see a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and excellence. It is from this heart and with these values that we envision the evolutiuon of mentorship and the revolution of our healthcare system. By respecting our common values, we must move forward together by daring to imagine a healthcare system in which every person in the world has access to quality healthcare. To a world in which healthcare is actually able to focus on health and not just react to sickness. We stand on the shoulders of giants who have come before us. We hold the values of collaboration, respect, excellence, and innovation. And now we challenge the world to create a revolution in healthcare by embracing the evolution of healthcare education. Come join the revolution with Mentorevolution!

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